Articles, Lectures, and Live Appearances

How to Support the Soldiers Returning from War?

 Guidelines [in Hebrew] for friends, family members and employers- a special piece posted on Betipulnet.

The October Massacre- 30 Days After

Dr. Einat Yehene’s segments [in Hebrew] on a TV special on Channel 13.

Trauma and Loss in the Social Networks Era


Dr. Einat Yehene zoom on the topic



Caregiving at time of War


Dr. Einat Yehene in a special lecture by Caregivers Israel, the Joint and the Ministry of Welfare  



Traumatic Bereavement following the October Massacre (Guidance for Clinicians)


Dr. Einat Yehene (with Dr. Avital Litvin): A lecture at Mifrasim 



Family Caregivers


A podcast recorded by the Israeli Psychology Association, Rehabilitation Psychology Division



Integrative Psychotherapy Following Illness and Physical Trauma in Children

Published in Betipulnet, on-line portal for psychological services [Hebrew]

Nonfinite Loss Experiences Among Parents of Children with Acquired Illness or Disability

Published in Betipulnet, on-line portal for psychological services [Hebrew]

Grief and Loss Experiences among Combat Soldiers

A lecture given at the annual research day of the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo [Hebrew]


“The War Continues - Only It's a War Against Yourself”

An article published in Maariv News on soldiers’ grief over comrade loss (Day of Remembrance for the Fallen of the Israel Defense Forces) [Hebrew]

Diving into the Silence: Characterizing the Psychological Coping of Family Members of Patients in a Persistent Vegetative State and Minimal Conscious State

Published in Psycho-Actually: The Journal of the Israeli Psychological Association [Hebrew]