Adaptation to Life
Changing Events

a research lab 

Dr. Einat Yehene

Dr. Einat Yehene is a clinical neuropsychologist and an expert-clinical instructor in rehabilitation psychology. She is a faculty member at the School of Behavioral Sciences (graduate psychology programs) at the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo, and lecturer at the “Mifrasim” institute for psychotherapy research and training. Her research interest corresponds with her clinical specialization throughout the years in traumatic head injury wards at Loewenstein Rehabilitation Center,  postdoctoral studies in NYU Medical Center and the subsequent years at Sheba Medical Center, where she specialized also in pediatric rehabilitation.

What is a Life-Changing Event?

During our life we encounter many events that can change us, affect how we see the world, change the quality of our relationships with others and ultimately shape who we become. Either being the death of someone we love, a serious physical injury or chronic illness, divorce, war experiences or even job loss/retirement,  such events mark a distinct break from the past and require psychological adaptation in order to restore emotional well-being, sense of self-worth and a meaningful participation in life.  


In our lab we investigate how individuals adjust to various life-changing events and what are the underlying psychological mechanisms and personality characteristics that impact their recovery trajectory and loss perception.  We also study the similarities and differences between non-death losses and death losses to construct new theoretical models aiming to better understand grief in these circumstances.